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How to start On The Road //

During an initial intake of 45 minutes, we will investigate what is currently happening in your life and what it is that you would want to work on. 
Together we will set therapy goals and create space for you to express your expectations about counseling. 

As the therapeutic relationship between psychologist and client serves as the foundation within successful psychological treatment, 
an initial session is here as a meeting to see if it is a right fit for you and vice versa. 

You are most welcome to reach out for any questions you may have or a wish to have a brief encounter prior to scheduling an initial session. No costs apply here. 

Rates //

Initial session (45min)  €90
Standard online session  (60min)  is €120

Please be aware that a fee of €70,- will be charged for  missed sessions or cancellations within 24hours prior to a session.



Get in touch 

Thank you for reaching out

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